The Legacy Of Atlantic Rally Get Another Charm

For all those who love sailing and competitions, well add them together and you get the sailing competitions wherein ARC, which stands for Atlantic Rally for Cruise happens to be the longest running cruising rally voyage of about 2,700 miles which started in the year 1986 with one direct route only that ran from the Las Palmas which is in the Canary Islands to the Rodney Bay and it lies in the St Lucia.

Now, after a while had passed, WCC, world cruising club decided on adding a second route that was termed the ARC+. This was a bit different than the original ARC wherein the sailing boats/ yachts came on the sailing waters two weeks earlier and then stopped in the place called Mindelo that is on the Verde Island of Sao Vincente and then finally stopped at St Lucia. The ones who participated in this route had an opportunity to swap the crewmates, repair and also get additional parts which were required on the board.

Was this effective or popular?

It was absolutely amazing and became that popular among those who loved cruising and competitions that those facilities on the shore side and organizers started overtaxing seeing this opportunity. The main reasons it became so popular was that it didn’t have the same monotonous ocean journey and had broken.

Well, so that brings us to another update for the most loved cruising voyagers. The WCC has now added another component which is termed as the ARC+ St Vincent which just like the second route goes to the Mindelo but for a change ends at the Blue Lagoon on St Vincent. This starts after four days of the ARC+ route. Talking of this year, this will be attended by about twenty boats whereas the second route, ARC+ will be attended by seventy-six crews whereas an impressive fleet of two hundred seventy-five will go for the original route.

Also, it’s noteworthy to add in, the increasing numbers in the multihulls wherein a well over a part of this year’s event were catamarans and the main manufacturer remains to be Lagoon. The entries are open for the event 2019, go check it out and book your tickets at