The First Yacht Of America’s Cup

Did you know that the first yacht sailed for the America’s Cup in 1851? For those who wish to relieve those times, they will get to see a real life replica of the same as the historic schooner has been replicated and the historic yacht will make an appearance in Southport Harbor this month.

The racing yacht’s replica is not easy model to recreate and it has taken about $6 million to create the vessel. It would be making a stop for a day at this harbor and would be visited by millions to check out this historic vessel in real life.

The schooner was 139-foot-long and it was the historic vessel for which the tournament was named. On July 17th the replica would be making its appearance. It would be taken across the east coast, the Gulf as well as the Caribbean as an awareness campaign of the defense of the America’s Cup that would be held in Bermuda in 2017.

The PlainSailing site reports that the vessel would dock at Southport Harbor for about 24 hours. The moments of its docked position would allow people a rare opportunity to take photos with the replica of the historic and majestic sailing yacht as it was designed in 1851.

It would rest in the docks of Pequot Yacht Club. The public would be offered an up close viewing of the boat during the afternoon, from 1 to 3 pm. The history of this racing yacht would be discussed which had been able to beat a fleet from Britain and was the first vessel for which the America’s Cup was launched about 165 years back.

Jenny B Campbell said that donations would be welcomed though it is primarily being organized to generate awareness of the forthcoming America’s Cup event.

The advancement of the technology in sailing as it has evolved through the ages will be highlighted as well through this replica of the historic sailing vessel.