Star Sailors League Finals-Defending Champions Edge Ahead

During the final race of Star Sailors League, USA sailors Brian Fatih and Mark Mendelblatt snatch the lead from Brazilian sailors Henry Raul Boening and Robert Scheidt. The final race is taking place at Nassau in The Bahamas.

Though, the second day was quite light and perhaps has favored lighter crews, heavyweights of US Brian Fatih and Mark Mendelblatt posted a solid 1-2 on third day of the final of Star Sailor League (SSL) of Nassau to take the overall lead.

In reality, the top US occupation was equally down to the Brazilian impressively consistent Olympic legend Henry Boening and Robert Scheidt vacates it after an error when team hooked the weather ark and they had to carry out a penalty turn in the second race. This resulted 19th place finish and regardless of discarding this, the Brazilian sailors are now second, trailing Mendelblatt/Fatih by eight points.

“I am very happy with this- It was a great day. We survived the light air breezing and then some, so overall that was good,” said Mendelblatt. “Brian has really good movement of the boat and that is the key as the big guy. In such situation, you have to hold the boat right and keep on moving with the waves and pressure. During the race, he did a great job as he kept the boat powered up at the right angle. It felt awesome.”

While they are leading, Mendelblatt is not in the mood of resting on his laurels, he is preparing for three more races that will go tomorrow in the culmination of the Qualifier round. To know more about (SSL) and get the minute to minute update and the latest pictures of the event, check the internet, as well as the website of world sailing.