Bay In Rio Offered Clear Sailing

As the Rio sailing games have concluded, many experts and sailing teams are talking about their experiences, the months and year long preparations that they had to undertake and how the races were all about a unique experience and not about the quality of water.

This is mainly due to the much hype and attention that was brought by the media about the quality of water in Guanabara Bay. There were several reports about the quality of water found, about the sewage waters of the nearby rivers of towns and cities that polluted the bay waters.

There was also concern about the high levels of viruses and bacteria that were found in the bay water. With the Zika virus being much of a health concern in this part of the world, the concerns were heightened for the sailing teams who would be exposed to such pathogenic conditions when they would be taking part in the Olympic regatta.

Today, after all the regattas have been concluded, today the general conclusion from Rent a yacht Scotland is that, the dirty water was talked about much among the media, but the race officials, participants or coaches did not find anything to protest about when they were in the bay. For all the races that were held, there was not a single protest about the trash that was in the water of the bay. Health authorities monitor the water quality for the World Sailing Association. They stated that the offshore water had been relatively clean as of March there had been several attempts to clean up the bay waters as promised by the local authorities.

Most of the sewage extracts were being redirected to a treatment plant instead of being spilled out into the Marina Da Gloria harbor. Every day during the races there was a helicopter scouring the area for debris and eco boats were dispatched before and after the races to clear up floating debris that might get in the way of the boats.