Melnichenko Got Another Big Yacht

Sailing Yacht at the latest venture of Andrey Melnichenko the billionaire from Russian is the eighth tallest yacht in the world.

The yacht is ready and will go for final testing before being delivered to the owner.

The estimated cost of the yacht is $450 million, and according to the reports the yacht is taller than the Statue of Liberty. It has the length of about 143-meters. It has three masts of carbon masts and each has the measurement of over than 90 meters. This is the tallest of any boat.  The best part of these masts is all three are able to withstand the wing of a commercial Boeing Dreamliner which is it’s twice the weight.

The boat has been designed for a speed of 16 knots (Cruising speed) (18 mph). The maximum speed of 21 knots (24 mph). The yacht has been named on the recommendation of its going to be owner Andrey Melnichenko Sailing Yacht A. The “A” name has been kept with objective keeping the yacht in front row in the shipping registers. Melnichenko has another yacht with the name “A” at the front. Continue reading “Melnichenko Got Another Big Yacht”